Thursday, September 3, 2009

How it all began….

One summer day about 5 years ago, my daughter and her friend wanted some projects to work on during the summer to keep them busy, so off to the local craft store we went. While wondering through the store we came upon the jewelry section, and whoa, I was sucked in to the jewelry abyss in an instant! Needless to say I bought some things for them and also for me, when we arrived home we got right to work, and wow did we create some real jewels! As the summer went on, we started to become me, and by the time school started back they had grown tired of their summer projects, but I kept going strong. I starting creating jewelry on the weekend and sometimes on my way out the door to work, but during this time I had not uncovered the vastness of the beading world. That came one weekend when my family and I made a trip to visit the in-laws, low and behold my sister-in-law had taken up a new hobby, you got it…making her own jewelry, and oh my, my eyes opened to a world of jewelry making that I did not even know existed. So here I am today starting my own online store in hopes of sharing my passion with others.

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