Friday, September 4, 2009

Beads, gems, and charms oh my.... What to make. Tips on how to get started

Well I have been bead shopping twice this week and oh my, the beads, gemstones, and charms I have found. I have discovered that others must go with me, or I would be there all day and spend more money than I have. So, one of my dear friends (a.k.a. ventured out with me on the first go round, I tried to remain conscious of the time I was spending, I thought she might not enjoy the beads as much as I do, but I think she enjoyed herself, come on who could not love bead, gems, and charms; right! She understands my passion, she has a love for fabric like I do for beads. For the second outing I took my husband, let me tell you he kept me on task, to say the least it is not his favor store to hang out at, but I picked up some more beads before we were out the door, and he was a good sport. So now I sit here in awe of all the beads, gems, and charms I have purchased and asking myself where to start? Well I have a little tip for myself and you too if you every need help.....

First figure out what color combination you would like to use. You ask how do I do that? Well one suggestion I have is chose 2 similar colored beads or gemstones they do not need to be the same style or kind of bead or gem, and they could be one of each. This will give you a distinct look to your jewelry. Then after you have found your similar colors you choose a bead or gem that is on the opposite side of the color wheel, you can do a search on Google images for color wheel if you need a sample. And now you have your colors picked out, not so hard.

So I guess I am off to follow my own advice and get busy creating a masterpiece!

Until next time Bead and Rock On!!!

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