Monday, October 12, 2009

Follow your heart!

Okay, because of Halloween vastly approaching I thought I would create some fun Halloween jewelry, so I sit down and try something out, I don't like it, soI take it apart and try a new Halloween design, and once again I am  not happy with it, and end up taking it apart. Mind you in the back of my mind I keep thinking about the cool twisted silver metal tubes that I had just bought so I figure I could use them in my Halloween design? Well I tried and guess what I ended up taking it apart and I personally felt I don't want to waste those tubes on my Halloween jewelry, so I eventually listened to my heart’s desire and made two great necklaces with the silver twisted tubes and decided to sell the Halloween beads so someone else could create something fun for Halloween. So the lesson I learned from this was we need to listen to our heart and sometimes tune out our head :). And it only took me two weeks to figure that one out. So all you crafty people out there follow your designer heart!

Here are the two necklaces I ended up making!!! I love them, hope you do too!